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Greener and better cleaning

We deliver professional office & contract cleaning services to the highest standards day in day out at very competitive prices.

Reliable and trusted
"we chose ICS because we liked their green cleaning
ethos plus we were very impressed with their price
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Office cleaning - the green cleaning company

Eco Friendly Office Cleaning we offer very competitive contract cleaning services

Why choose ICS?

1. We offer an outstanding service at very competitive prices

2. No long tie ins - only a month to month contract

3. We use eco friendly and ethical cleaning products/practices

4. We have the experience and infrastructure to deliver the service you require

5. Trusted by over 250 clients

-Eco Friendly Office Cleaning?
So what's the deal then?

Although commercial cleaning has a relatively low impact environment wise, ICS still realised there were many areas for improvement.
Reduction in waste and eliminating harsh chemicals were the first things we tackled but then looked at what else we could do, here are a few examples;

We use eco friendly biodegradable cleaning products.
We use biodegradable black & white bin liners. (How many bin liners need to be lying in landfills for years after all?)
We recycling and offer waste collection and recycling collection services.
We use LPG vans - with much lower emissions than conventional vehicles
We recycle all our waste offer recycling and waste collection services.
We source all products and clothing from sustainable sources.
We train our staff about their responsibility in adhering to good environmental practice
We do not expect our clients to pay anymore for a green cleaning service so we offer our excellent eco friendly cleaning service at very competitive rates.

Reasons eco friendly office cleaning.

Eco friendly office cleaning helps with employee's health, which is why many facility and office managers are urging a switch to green office cleaning services.

Green office cleaning and eco cleaning products also leads to lower regulatory costs, because managers have fewer toxic chemicals to track and fewer chemical-related injuries. Our specially made eco friendly cleaning chemicals are plant based and work fantastically well, then they are biodegradable helping to minimise their effect on the environment plus they also smell fresh and natural.

Educating cleaning personnel about using new green cleaning products, and abandoning the ones they've been accustomed to, is a slight transition. But with time, it can work.

While some people believe green products cost more than other cleaning options, ICS have sourced eco-friendly products that cost the same as traditional cleaning products.

ICS now cleans daily across London, including offering our green office cleaning services in the city, w1, w2, ec1, ec2, ec3, ec4, north London, east London, west London, south London, Essex, Kent, Middlesex.

ICS provide Eco Friendly Office Cleaning Services with over 25 years experience we are now the leading eco friendly office cleaning services company.

We cover London, Essex, Kent and the Home Counties & are one of the most competitive, professional, trusted, reliable & environmentally friendly cleaning companies around using eco friendly cleaning products & employing a "green clean" approach .
We have an excellent client retention rate because we deliver consistently high cleaning service standards 365 days of the year.

ICS are an Eco Friendly Office Cleaning Company who use use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products and eco friendly cleaning practices.
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