Cleaning London during the Olympics

Cleaning London during the Olympics

For cleaning to take place in London during the Olympics some useful guidelines are listed below.
Ensure that workplace policies are up-to-date and cover all cleaner’s behaviour that might be affected by the Olympics. These are likely to be policies related to, for example, absence. For some issues, it may be more appropriate to create a short-term policy that specifically deals with the Olympics, e.g. approach to watching the Games during working hours. Communicating policy updates to employees, making employees aware of additional monitoring during the Games and explaining the consequences of not following correct procedure should help to reduce unscheduled absence and unauthorised conduct.

Commence Communication
Employers should not wait to start talking about policy updates, particularly those to do with managing leave and working hours. To help prevent unexpected absenteeism during the Olympics, employers need to communicate to cleaners that they should book annual leave well in advance of the Games, applying your usual authorisation methods, e.g. “first come, first served”.

Plan for Problems with Travel
Cleaners, particularly those based in London, may have difficulty getting to and from work during the Games. Cleaners should be made aware of the need to follow company procedures by notifying their employer about unauthorised absence and transport disruption. Employers may require that employees take reasonable steps to find alternative means of getting to work, but should also consider how they can be more flexible themselves.

Foster Flexibility
Employers should consider whether or not flexible working arrangements during the Olympic Games would be suitable for their business, e.g. varying start and finish times.

Develop a Discipline Plan
Instil in cleaners that, whilst you are willing to be more flexible during the Games, you still expect employees to stick to the rules and anyone found to be taking advantage will be dealt with. Stick to your contractual disciplinary procedure to avoid claims of breach of contract, and always ensure that investigations into alleged misconduct are properly and fairly investigated.

Ensure Equality
It should be highlighted to employees that not everyone will be supporting Great Britain in the Olympics.  Employers should be aware that sporting enthusiasm can sometimes turn into racist or sexist abuse, which must not be tolerated. Employers should make sure it is known that equality and harassment policies apply as much to discussions at work about sport as they do to any other subject.

Cleaning London Tube – strike likely

Cleaning London 2012: Tube cleaners to strike during Games launch

Closed Tube station
Cleaning London: Cleaners on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway have called a two-day strike to start on the day of the Olympics opening ceremony.

Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) members will walk out on Friday in the row over Olympics payments.

The strike will coincide with separate RMT action, where members on the Tube will work to rule over an Olympics pay deal and the use of casual workers.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said Tube cleaners were being treated “like dirt” over their demands for the extra workload they are facing during the Olympics to be recognised.

‘Inclusive Olympics'”Even at this late hour there is time for the London cleaning companies, and Mayor Boris Johnson who hires them, to settle this dispute which is about ensuring an inclusive Olympics where everyone shares in the benefits,” he said.

Mr Crow said this action related to an existing dispute over casual working arrangements and problems implementing Olympic payments.

Phil Hufton, asset performance director for London Underground, said the cleaners’ dispute was between the contractors and the staff, adding: “We anticipate very little impact on London Underground services as a result of this industrial action.”

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Mistakes when disciplining cleaners

Employers make the same mistakes time and time again that could have been avoided by following the required procedure. The procedure is, however, rather complicated and employers must be prompt and consistent in implementing it. It is therefore hardly surprising that employers can be caught out. A number of the common mistakes made in the disciplinary process are set out below.

1. Not establishing the facts of the case
The employer must clearly establish the facts before deciding whether formal action is necessary. The facts must be recorded, e.g. documentary evidence; business rationale; written statements; minutes of informal investigatory meetings or formal consultation meetings.

2. Not spelling out the allegations against the cleaner properly
It must be made clear to the employee exactly what they are being accused of and what the employer’s concerns are. These must be the honest concerns of the employer and should be held consistently throughout the disciplinary process. Disciplinary action can only be imposed in respect of allegations that were alleged during the disciplinary proceedings.

3. Not warning the cleaner of the possible consequences of disciplinary action
The employee must be made well aware of the possible outcomes of any disciplinary action taken against them. This is in order for the employee to understand the gravity of any allegations made against them and for them to be able to defend such allegations fairly and appropriately.

4. Ignoring evidence in favour of the cleaner’s mitigation whilst considering the evidence against it
Even where an employer is convinced that the employee is in the wrong, any explanation or evidence to the contrary should not be disregarded; it should be investigated properly. Employers must ensure that they do not ignore any medical reports and that they do not fail to act on any recommendations made in them. All evidence that the employer intends to rely on should be provided to the employee ahead of any disciplinary hearing to allow adequate time to prepare a defence.

5. Getting the reason for the disciplinary or dismissal wrong
There have been cases where an cleaner who could have been fairly dismissed on the facts, was considered to have been unfairly dismissed because the reason stated for such action was incorrect. It is sometimes unclear whether an employee has been dismissed for capability or conduct; employers may prefer to claim conduct reasons in order to avoid confrontation, even though capability was the issue.

6. Using incorrect procedure
Following on from the point above, it is important to use the correct procedure for the problem in question. There are a number of steps that must be carefully followed in order for a fair and correct procedure to have been in place, depending on the nature of the problem. Conduct issues are not the same as capability issues, and each should be dealt with differently.

7. Having the same person deal with the whole disciplinary process
Where the same person is responsible for conducting the initial investigation, disciplinary hearing and subsequent appeal, the disciplinary process may be deemed unfair or biased towards the employer. Although it may not be possible to conduct the process in any other way for small employers, different people should carry out the process where practicable.

8. Not checking statutory or contractual obligations
Where dismissal will take place, employers must check the contractual or statutory notice period the employee requires and whether it is a requirement/appropriate that the employee works their notice period. Holiday pay due/owed must also be calculated, as well as any further statutory payments, e.g. statutory redundancy pay.

9. Not giving ‘lesser’ warnings where they are appropriate
Only in very serious cases will summary dismissal be justified; it is important that the employer’s decision and the action to be taken are reasonable in the circumstances. It is most likely that a cleaner should receive a series or warnings before a final written warning and dismissal are appropriate.

10. Not seeking advice along the way
The process required for disciplinary action can be quite complicated and it is easy for an employer to be caught out. The specific procedure will vary depending on the reason for dismissal, so employers should always take specialist advice when contemplating disciplinary action to ensure a fair process is followed and that this can be evidenced as necessary.

Office Cleaning done Right

In business, image is a huge part of how you are perceived as a company and how you operate internally. Your office allows your professional image to show through more than anything else. When your clients see a clean office with bright and smiling staff, they know they have come to the right place. The impression you gain from attracting great clients will more than cover the expenses you pay for professional office cleaning services. This is a business investment that definitely pays off.

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Office Cleaning London

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Hi Ana,

Would just like to say what a great job the cleaner did last night.



Kayleigh McMullen

Customer Service Administrator

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