Temp cleaning jobs in London

Temp night cleaning jobs in London SE1

We have temp night cleaning jobs in London SE1 – an initial Deep clean has to take place on 9th, 10th & 11th July.

Then daily clean between 24th July to 12 Aug. The cleaning would be done between 12am and 9am.

Cleaning jobs in London and vacancies SE1

If you are interested in working for us please apply using our online cleaning job application form

Cleaning jobs and cleaning vacancies in Wimbledon SW19

We have cleaning jobs and cleaning vacancies in WimbledonLondon SW19

If you are looking for a cleaning job or cleaning vacancies in Wimbledon SW19 and can work to high standards please apply using our online cleaning job application form

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Cleaners and the jubilee bank holidays

Cleaners do not have the statutory right to take public or bank holidays off work — entitlements are contractual only. Therefore, you will not be obliged to give the extra day of leave if employees’ contracts clearly list the normal bank holidays to which they are entitled.

Of course, if you are feeling generous you can give them the day off with pay, regardless of the contract. As an alternative, you could choose to give the day off as unpaid leave (as long as employees are still allowed to take their full paid entitlement at another time).

It is worth noting that in some cases where your annual leave system means that public and bank holidays are automatically taken off by employees (because you close down) and you allow employees to take June 5 as a bank holiday, employees will, in effect, lose a day of their annual leave because the extra bank holiday will be offset against the total amount of leave for that year. It is important that employees are made aware of this.

Cleaners will be entitled to an extra day of leave if the annual entitlement in their contracts is expressed as (for example) 20 days plus bank holidays — and the normal bank holidays have not been listed. This would give the employees the right to take the extra day of leave (paid) because the contract implies they are entitled to all the bank holidays declared within a calendar year.

On pay, there is no statutory right for cleaners to be paid extra if they work on June 5. However, there may be a contractual requirement where employee contracts state that they will receive a premium payment for working on any of the bank holidays and the normal bank holidays are not listed.

Cleaning tips to clean like a pro

Cleaning tips to help you clean like a pro

First clear any big junk items out then it’s time to bring in some elbow grease.

  • Cleaning like a pro, as with any project, it makes sense to have a strategic plan, Fill a  bucket/basket with all of the housekeeping supplies to complete the jobs planned for the day. Clean one room at a time and avoid moving from one room to the next – and wasting precious time – until the room you’re working on is completely clean.

Get and stay organized. Don’t think of your clean sweep as an all-or-nothing mission. Instead, make a routine checklist and break it up by room or project. For example, tackle a different task, one hour each day. Set a timer, and see if you can beat the clock.

Getting rid of junk:

  • Make decisions. Junk, clutter and other unwanted items typically represent a series of unmade decisions. Go through your house/office looking at items and ask yourself: “Do I want it, do I love it, do I need it?” If you answer no, the item is likely junk.

Reasons not to hire your own cleaners

Hiring your won cleaners might seem like a good idea in the beginning. You believe that if you find the right people and train them properly, you will save money in the long run. Unfortunately you expose your company to a multitude of risks when hiring your own cleaning staff. From lack of training to unexpected sick days and absences, you simply cannot afford to hire your own cleaning employees.

Before you decide to hire an in-house cleaner, think about the following. Are you prepared to pay for recruitment, health and safety training, material costs, and safety insurance? Do you want to take on more employees with all the risks and investment costs involved? Do you have a backup plan if your cleaning staff get sick or decide to go on a holiday? It takes time to find the right people, and once you do, they’ve moved onto something bigger and better. Don’t give yourself another management headache.

Most larger companies outsource their cleaning as they do not want to be exposed to the risks of employing more staff than necessary, the costs involved in employing cleaners are often considerably more than outsourcing.

When you outsource cleaning, you get all of the benefits of having a pristine office without any of the frustrations. You can leave the training, and insurance costs to us. Besides, we specialize in cleaning. We can train new employees much more efficiently, delivering better results in less time. There’s no need to expose yourself to extra risk when there is a low cost way to get the job done right every time.

Quite a few of our clients tell us how much money they are saving by hiring a separate firm to handle their office cleanings. They eventually came to the realization that the management time and overhead involved in hiring their own employees is too much to handle.

Your time is valuable. Hire a professional team to handle your commercial cleaning.

Saving tax saving tips for cleaning companies

It maybe boring but it can save you a lot of money if you ensure you follow some simple guidelines.

We set out some tax saving tips for cleaning companies below.

Set up as a Ltd Co

It sounds immediately obvious but this is the first step any contractor/freelancer should take if they want to maximise their disposable income as far as legally possible. A Ltd Co. is a separate trading entity from an individual and is governed by the Companies Act 2006. So, although there is additional responsibility and administrative requirements, the typical contractor/freelancer should be able to save around 20 – 30p in the £ of tax when compared to PAYE, umbrella co or being self employed.

Pay yourself a minimal (director) salary

As at 2012/13, this amount is £8,105 which equates to £675 per month. This is the level of an individual’s personal allowance for income tax. The NIC free allowance is £7,605 and is payable at 12% for any salary amount between £7,605 and £34,870 and 2% on any amounts thereafter.

Claim your full suite of eligible expenses

There are a suite of expenses contractors/freelancers can claim that they do not realise. Expenses through your Ltd Co.attracts corporation tax relief at 20% (small business rate). However, there are strict rules on expenses and carelessness or ignorance does not bode well with the tax authorities.

Time your dividend extractions correctly

Dividends are a key tool for contractors/freelancers wishing to extract money out of their Ltd Co’s as drawings. Timing your dividend extraction can be a useful tactic in saving tax. In 2012/13 a contractor/freelancer has up to £31,500 (net) dividends (per shareholder) they can extract without incurring additional tax. Any amounts above this will incur an additional dividend tax of 32.5% (effective rate is 25% after the notional tax credit of 10%) and 42.5% for any amounts above £150,000.

Claim the AIA on capital assets

If you buy a capital asset (items such as laptops, hardware, fixture and furniture for your office), you can claim what is known as a first year capital allowance. The first year capital allowance is like an accelerated depreciation charge that provides tax relief in the year of purchase. In 2012/13, the first year allowance is £25,000 although there are transitional rules in place.

Financial products

• Pension contributions

• Relevant life policy (life assurance)

• Investment products

Why not get your Ltd Co. to pay your pension contributions or life assurance premiums? This attracts corporation tax relief instantly and is a great way get the taxman to make a contribution to both. A director can set up an executive pension scheme and get the company to make (reasonable) contributions to get their life assurance paid through the company by way of a relevant life policy.

Entrepreneur’s relief

This is available to contractors/freelancers who are selling/closing down their Ltd Co’s. Once all other tax-efficient means have been utilised (director salary & dividends), entrepreneurs relief can be applied to any remaining funds in the company taxed at only 10%. However, this is subject to a whole host of criteria being satisfied.

New cleaning jobs board coming soon

We will be launching a cleaners jobs board very soon where you will be able to post cleaning jobs and post your details if you are a cleaner looking for work.

We have many cleaning jobs and vacancies in and around London are looking to post all our current vacancies in one place.

The new site will provide an excellent way to advertise your cleaning skills if you are a cleaner looking for extra hours and work.

If you are looking for cleaners this will provide the perfect place to post your cleaning jobs and cleaning vacancies.

For now i you are interested in applying for our cleaning jobs please complete our online cleaning application form.

For more news and when the site will be live please come back or visit direct www.cleanersjobsboard.com

Cleaning jobs in Bromley BR postcode cleaning vacancies in Kent

We have cleaning jobs and vacancies in Kent in Bromley Dartford areas inc BR and DA postcodes.

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Cleaning vacancies in Kent BR and DA postcode’s – if you are searching for a cleaning vacancy in these areas please get in touch.

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Cleaning jobs in Watford Borehamwood Wd postcode area

We have cleaning jobs and vacancies in Watford Borehamwood postcodes WD areas.

If you are interested please complete our online cleaning application form.

Cleaning vacancies in Watford Borehamwood Wd postcode’s – if you are searching for a cleaning vacancy in these areas please get in touch.

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