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Hello we have an early morning cleaning job in Chelmsford Essex, the job is Monday to Friday.

If you are interested in applying for this cleaning job in Westway Chelmsford Essex please use complete our cleaning job application form

We have other cleaning jobs in Essex so please apply if you are looking for cleaning work – useful free app for getting organised

Do from the salesforce team is a useful little free app that we’ve been trialling here at ICS Cleaning.

It tightly integrates with google apps which is a big part of our day to day set of tools that we use to run and deliver great customer service. If you are not using google apps, some the advantages briefly are: no more internal servers – all your email/calendar and documents are hosted on googles servers which are robust and save being entirely dependent on some dusty box in the corner of the office that continually caused problems.

Another great advantage of google apps is its 3rd party integration, which brings us back to Its a free tasks / to do app – the good thing about this particular to do app is how well it fits into gmail.

You can allocate tasks and to do lists from within an email and assign it to your colleagues easily. The advantage for us a a cleaning company is that it makes a nice nifty little tool that takes very little effort but makes it easy to track and make sure no day to day tasks get missed.

Keeping our long-term clients happy is key

Founded in 2002, with offices in New York, London and Dublin, Lab49 is a strategy, design and technology consulting firm that creates advanced solutions for the world’s leading investment banks, asset managers and exchanges.

As the business expanded, Lab 49 began looking for an economical way to maintain a personal and professional front to their clients at all times. One of the areas identified as being of critical importance was ensuring that their premises always looks clean and is maintained professionally. For Lab 49, this is key to maintaining positive relationships with clients.

“We may have grown, but client’s first impressions are so important”.

Lab 49 approached ICS Cleaning to help them clean their premises over 6 years ago and when they recently moved into the prestigious London landmark building the Gherkin we were delighted to be invited to look after their new working space.

“We’ve been with ICS cleaning for six years – it all works really well”.

‘We have been using ICS cleaning for the last six years and their service blends perfectly with our own team to help maintain excellent customer presentation even at the busiest of times.”

Why we believe we are a better cleaning company

Customer service, customer service, customer service.

We are all about delivering amazing customer service. We have great cleaners, excellent systems in place and all the processes and requirements to be able to match the cleaning requirements our clients need everyday and we believe in delivering a fantastic customer experience.

Having continually reinvested we look at developing long term relationship with our clients continually developing to meet their ever growing business. We are extremely proud of our long standing working relationships, even more impressive in light of the recent economic period, this is  a direct result of great customer service and consistently cleaning their premises to high standards everyday.

Being the first cleaning company to focus on being green we have been at the forefront of eco friendly cleaning, this has several benefits. One consequence on cutting back on all unnecessary waste has meant we can offer our services at extremely competitive prices because we are very efficient.

We have some great staff on board who will make sure that all your cleaning requirements are dealt with smoothly and professionally everyday so you can focus on your day to day business.

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Building a successful cleaning company

What does it take to build and as importantly run a successful cleaning company?

cleaning companies

Marketing, selling and running your company is hard, hard, hard work. Did I mention it is hard work?

Why is it hard? Well firstly every Tom, Dick and Harry believes they can start a cleaning company with low cost/skill entry barriers being cited. This however is no longer true, sure back in the day when being uninsured, having no H&S or HR knowledge was ok this may have been true. Nowadays you better have all the essentials covered otherwise no client in their right mind should be taking you on even though you maybe able to offer lower costings due to lower overheads. This is just not going to work now, you need to be fully insured, you need to know all about H&S and be fully compliant with contract employment law & you better make sure you meet all the statutory requirements or you will get burned and if you do get some clients by some miracle without everything in place they may well get burned as a 3rd party employer.

Ok, you’ve now got everything in place, what next? Well you need to get the best cleaners out there and make sure you train them well and keep monitoring them continually. Get your systems in place, who is going to cover cleaner A when they take a sick day, whose is going to step in and do the same great job as cleaner B when they go on holiday?

Running a cleaning company means being unbelievably well organised, if you start becoming successful, for a large part you will operating with the number of employees of a large company but with the resources of a small company, so make sure your systems are watertight from the start.

Marketing and sales come next, where do you get you get the budget for this from? What budget? You need to learn to become a great ad person and know how to promote and sell your brand.

So now your day is looking pretty busy, employing the best cleaners, making sure all your bases are covered, sorting out your marketing and trying to generate sales – when do you get some sleep?

Before you think about that, you better brush up your accounting skills, any successful company is built on a solid foundation of sound accounting and you need to understand and learn these quickly. You cannot run a good cleaning company without these, period. You need to know how much to charge to be competitive – and trust me it is a lot lower than you think will be possible, but you cannot do this unless you know how much your overheads and staffing costs will be or what your cash flow is like.

Once you’ve got the accounting down and good solid accounting principles & you have started picking up some clients, all is going ticktey boo right?  Wrong, many businesses will see you as nice access to free credit, they will use your service (and it better be great btw) and then pass your invoice onto the accounts dept where it will sit until you go broke. You need to get into the dreadful world of credit control, chase, chase, chase until you get paid.

Now you’ve got a nice solid cleaning business up and running, what now? Well customer service, you have to now more than ever deliver amazing customer support. This is vital, because despite of all the barriers listed above the cleaning industry in ferociously  competitive, and if you do not deliver brillant customer support clients will simply up and leave. Delivering great customer support cannot be underestimated, from when they first get in touch to when dealing with an invoice query it is all about delivering a great service.

If you can do the above, and with some luck and experience you may well be on the way to running a successful cleaning company.

Cleaning jobs in Essex

ICS a fast growing innovative cleaning company are looking for exceptional cleaners in Essex.

If you are looking for cleaning jobs in Essex please apply via our online cleaning job application form – once you have added your details we will process your application and let you know of relevant cleaning jobs.

We have many clients in Essex and London and are always looking for exceptional cleaners so if you think you have what it takes to deliver outstanding cleaning everyday please apply.

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Cleaning jobs London

We are currently looking for very high quality cleaners to work with in our prestigious clients buildings in and around London.

If you believe you have what it takes to clean to the highest standards everyday and wish to join a fast growing cleaning company with excellent prospects, please complete our cleaning job application form

We have various cleaning jobs and positions in and around London and are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated staff with a great eye for detail. If you are looking for a cleaning job in London please apply using our job application form below


Starting with a new cleaning company?

What is the procedure with starting with a new cleaning company?

Well the first thing to do is to have a look round and see what’s on offer. Try to find a cleaning company that matches your criteria, remember you will be hopefully establishing a long term working relationship.

Some things to look out for are – are they insured? This is not just a simple case of covering breakages which do occur from time to time, but do they have combined liabilities insurance – you are employing people on site, you need to know they are covered.

Have they got all the H&S and HR covered – this could be expensive and dangerous if not.

How long have they been about for? Who else do they work for? Do they have enough staff and management for your area?

Once you have go past these first few hurdles, look at what differentiates the companies. Why choose this company and not another one – well have a look at what they have to offer and choose one you like, then have a meeting with them and get a feel for how they operate.

It would be naive to state that price does not have a big factor on choosing a cleaning company, but as long as the company is not way outside other companies quotes look at the value for money factor. Maybe for a few quid more it is worth having one who you know can deliver – do you want to keep going through the above each time?

Once you have gone through the above – look at how long it will before they can start – are they committed elsewhere?

Right, found the one you’re after, they meet your criteria – find out if they can offer any ancillary services you may require – it maybe easier and cheaper to get all your cleaning related bits and bob through them.

Set up a final meeting – run through any alarm and key procedures and any last minute requirements you have and you should be good to go.

Quoting for Office Cleaning

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to offer office cleaning quotes to potential clients.

We would always recommend having a site visit so our surveyor can meet & discuss your requirements but we understand clients are looking for a ballpark figure to start with. So we have made the process as simple as we could make it, enter a few details on our online cleaning quote page and we will email you a guideline price – if that seems ok, clients can then book a site visit via our online booking system and run through their cleaning requirements in person. Thereafter we email over a tailor made specification and quotation.


So if you are looking into changing or taking on cleaning contractors why not get in touch.